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Borgu [ 7 ]   Jebba [ 22 ]   Kontagora [ 28 ]   Yauri [ 4 ]   
No:: Location zone Project Description Project Sum Status Action
1Kokoli CommunityBorguDrilling of Borehole₦3,000,000Ongoing
2ShagunuBorguDrilling of Borehole₦3,000,000Ongoing
3Old KurwasaBorguDrilling of Borehole₦3,000,000Completed
4JijimiBorguDrilling of Borehole₦3,000,000Ongoing
5Massana CommunityBorguDrilling of Borehole₦3,000,000Completed
6Labararo CommunityBorguDrilling of Borehole₦3,000,000Completed
7Kokoli SchoolBorguDrilling of Borehole₦3,000,000Ongoing
8LeabaKontagoraSupply of medical items₦1,573,312Completed
9LeabaKontagoraChainlink fencing at Leaba clinic ₦3,869,573Completed
10ChikangiJebbaDrilling of borehole ₦3,000,000Completed
11KaroJebbaDrilling of borehole ₦3,000,000Ongoing
12BategiJebbaDrilling of borehole ₦3,000,000Completed
13Old LafiagiJebbaDrilling of borehole ₦3,000,000Completed
14Harmony AreaJebbaDrilling of borehole₦3,000,000Completed
15 Kumigi HausawaJebbaDrilling of borehole ₦3,000,000Completed
16 Kumugi schoolJebbaDrilling of borehole₦3,000,000Ongoing
17Kumugi NupeJebbaDrilling of borehole ₦3,000,000Completed
18 Raba clinicJebbaDrilling of borehole ₦3,000,000Completed
19Raba CommunityJebbaConstruction of Community Clinic ₦15,180,650Ongoing
20Raba Community JebbaPerimeter Fencing of clinic₦2,995,000Ongoing
21Raba CommunityJebbaConstruction of 2Block of toilets at the clinic₦3,167,400Ongoing
22NasarawaKontagoraConstruction of Female Ward A at Community Clinic₦13,500,017Ongoing
23NasarawaKontagoraConstruction of Male Ward B at the Community Clinic₦10,305,563Ongoing
24NasarawaKontagoraConstruction of Roofed Walkway at the Community Clinic₦2,746,872Ongoing
25NasarawaKontagoraConstruction of Theatre at Inter Community Clinic₦6,151,444Ongoing
26NasarawaKontagoraPerimeter Fencing of Inter Community Clinic₦2,995,000Ongoing
27NasarawaKontagoraConstruction of Security Post at Inter Community Clinic₦4,536,500Ongoing
28 NasarawaKontagoraConstruction of GOPD at Inter Community Clinic\r\n₦10,700,109Ongoing
29 NasarawaKontagoraConstruction of 2Block of Toilets at Inter Community Clinic\r\n₦3,383,455Ongoing
30Dalau palace NasarawaKontagora Drilling of Borehole \r\n \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
31Sabon-pegiKontagora Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
32Nassarawa KontagoraDrilling of Borehole at Clinic₦3,000,000Ongoing
33PatikoKontagoraDrilling of Borehole ₦3,000,000Ongoing
34Small Market Area BidaKontagora Driliing of Borehole ₦3,000,000Completed
35Government College Bida 1Jebba Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
36 Government College Bida 2Jebba Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
37Efu Madami area BidaJebba Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
38Efu Gudu Ndasa Area Bida Jebba Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
39Unguwan Hella Yauri Driliing of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
40Unguwan S/AlaruYauri Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
41Unguwan IlailaYauri Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
42GarafiniKontagora Drilling of Borehole at the Primary School \r\n₦3,000,000Ongoing
43Garafini Community Kontagora Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Ongoing
44 Fulani Fala Kontagora Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Ongoing
45Unguwan AleraKontagora Relocation of Borehole \r\n₦1,357,500Completed
46Tsangaya SchoolKontagora Repair of pump\r\n₦645,000Completed
47Government Girls College Kontagora Kontagora Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
48 Government Girls College Kontagora 1 Kontagora Drilling of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
49PMO Hospital Kontagora Driliing of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Completed
50MakwandoKontagora Driliing of Borehole \r\n₦3,000,000Ongoing
51Ilomi JebbaDrilling of Borehole\r\n₦3,000,000Completed
52Ungwan Yamman Cemetry Kontagora Drilling of Hand Pump Borehole\r\n₦1,000,000Ongoing
53Tudun Wada Cemetery Kontagora Drilling of Hand Pump Borehole\r\n₦1,000,000Ongoing
54St Theresa Primary School Jebba Drilling of Borehole\r\n₦3,000,000Ongoing
55Market AreaJebbaDrilling of Borehole₦3,000,000Completed
56Bode Sadu PalaceJebbaDriliing of Borehole₦3,000,000Completed
57Jebba South MarketJebbaConstruction of 2Block of Toilets ₦3,167,400Ongoing
58Leaba clinicKontagoraExtension of labour room and toilets ₦1,908,878Completed
59Leaba KontagoraSupply of medical items₦1,573,312Completed
60General HospitalYauriEye Clinic₦3,710,840Completed
61United StatesJebbaDo you need More Facebook likes and Instagram followers? \r\nThis is where we can help you. Order them now:₦124,133Completed